“It was a very sunny day and the stifling heat recommended a good nap. However, a friend of my friends named Quim, whom I have never seen again, wanted to take a motorcycle ride with me since he was from Barcelona and did not know this area. After a brief tour of El Fitu and La Espasa, we stopped at the Arenal de Morís. From the bottom of the beach, Quim spotted a tiny, half-ruined construction at the foot of the mountain. It was there that he insisted on going despite my evident suffocation. After a short climb, we found a block where 6 round cows lived. Sitting in the shade and watching the sunset over the sea, we dream of how beautiful it would be to build a rural accommodation on that block. I remember when the owner, Jesús el Catalín, took me to see her a few days later, he had to cut through with a machete to clean the access road. More than 20 years have passed since that excursion and the dream is already a reality. La Cuadra has become a beautiful and comfortable rural accommodation. Hopefully Quim, who won't remember me or that walk, will be able to visit it someday. ”