In La Cuadra we only have 4 room. Between our dog Scotty and any other dog our guests bring, we'll be at most 10 staying here. A family, basically. Which is why, in the common areas you will enjoy during your stay, you'll be comfortable and relaxed. You will be able to sunbathe, walk down to the beach or lay down on the well-mantained grass.

From La Cuadra you can walk a variety of trails to walk around. Don´t forget we're situated right on the Camino de Santiago, and just by following it you´ll walk down a path with spectacular views.

After passing through the Arenal de Moris beach, you can keep going through the cliffs until you reach La Garita, the Cave of la Salona, the Beciella beach, etc; From there and always beside the sea, you´ll reach the other beaches such as Moracey, El Viso and La Espasa.

The whole way you'll have to share it with sheep ,cows and calves. You will enjoy the views to La Sierra del Sueve, smell the freshly cut grass and walk through beautiful paths right beside the sea.