"I went to La Cuadra for the first time thanks to my father. As a village teacher, father considered his duty to help the neighbors with field chores. During our few sunny days, we cut the grass, dried it and made it into bales of grass, it was our summer camp." I was around 6 years old and my love for that Cuadra de Jesús el Catalín grew larger with each summer that passed by. In that land you could find different kinds of animals, you could play and dream around, also see the beach at your feet and go down to take a bath or play soccer.

When we started packing things up to go home, the amazing sunsets gave us some beatiful extra time. That Cuadra where our mothers prepared lunch and snacks, was in paradise. As soon as I started working I asked the owner if he has willing to sell it to me. A firm handshake sealed our deal. Jesús el Catalín was a countryman from head to toe, and a simple handshake from him was more valid that any contract made by any lawyer.