La Cuadra is not a Hotel, a Rural House or a Vacation Home. La Cuadra is our house, where my wife and I live, together with our two children who, since they study abroad, are almost never with us. Those who share our roof we do not consider customers, but good friends. We are not tourism professionals or anything like that: the pandemic forced us to invent resources to get something extra and be able to get our children to finish their studies. In the absence of professional treatment, you will find familiar and close treatment. Our dog Scotty will bark when he hears you arrive, but it's a welcome bark. Scotty, like us, will be delighted to share a few days with you. 

La Cuadra is not in an urban nucleus. To get there, do not wait for traffic lights or traffic guards. La Cuadra is located 700 meters from the N-632 road and you will have to travel along an unpaved agricultural road, but we take great care to keep it in good condition for cars. 

You must leave the A-8 motorway at exit 330. When you reach the SECOND ROUNDABOUT, take the N-632 road towards Caravia-Colunga and after approximately 200 meters, you will see on your right the entrance to the road that you see in the photo with the sign indicating that it is a road for agricultural vehicles. You'll meander past cattle farms, grass bowls, restless horses, watchful hawks, and gossiping cows. If you arrive at sunset you may find a wild boar, a deer or any frightened and elusive animal.

Go slowly and you'll be there in 2 minutes. If your car is very low or you are a little scared to drive it down a path like this, you can call us and we will go up to look for you. Below you can see a video with the route of the entire path. When you arrive you will understand that a place like La Cuadra can never be at the end of a highway.