Pets are welcome at La Cuadra at no additional cost. La Cuadra is not a dog hotel or a pet nursery, but we welcome guests who travel with their pets. Few places will find where dogs are more comfortable than in our stable: wide spaces for running and playing, good company with other dogs, routes for long walks and even beaches for bathing. (At certain times). La Cuadra, as a place of coexistence for people with different tastes and hobbies, asks its canine guests for brief and logical rules:

    Pets can go up to the room but DO NOT STAY ALONE in it.
    Dogs must be on a leash and in the company of their owners while they are in common areas.
    Outside of the areas enabled for dogs to move freely, the excrement must be collected by their owners.
    For cases in which the owners need to move and cannot take their pet (eg to dinner in a restaurant that prohibits animals), La Cuadra offers a babysitting service at 10 / Euros-Hour.